Skuru Hatt
Skuru Hatt. © Duo Fotografi

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Vantage Points

Småland's varied landscape invites you to many beautiful places with a view. A view you will not forget.

Little Rock Lake

High amongst the trees with outstanding views of the Swedish forest and lakes, you’ll find Europe’s longest Zipline course. The course includes a 17m-high lookout tower which offers phenomenal views of the forest landscape and four pristine lakes. To reach it, you’ll need to venture 25m across a suspension bridge.

© Christoffer Collin


The castle ruin Brahehus is located 270 meter above sea level, 180 meter above Lake Vättern, which gives you a spectacular view. Sweden's highest situated motorway, the so-called Vätterleden (E4), runs just east of Brahehus. Brahehus is located at the motorway, and there is a rest area, restaurant and gas station with a view of Vättern and Visingsö.

© Joanna Kohnen

Garpens Fyr

The endless view from the top of the lighthouse, combined with the lush island, makes it an oasis in Kalmar Strait. A very special experience, to look out over Kalmar strait from a small island. It is also possible to stay the night on the island, and there is a cafeteria. The boat to Garpen's lighthouse leaves from Bergkvara.

Hultaklint. © Alexander Hall

Hultaklint, Lädja

The mountain Hultaklint lies 290 meter above sea level and has a wonderful view that overlooks three districts. The ending of Viktor Rydberg's novel Singoalla: A Mediaeval Legend is set here. In his young years, Rydberg was an informant at Berg's mansion and was fascinated by the romantically situated cave at Hultaklint. The place is therefore known as "Singoalla's Cave".

Nykulla lookout tower, Tjureda

Nykulla lookout tower ('utkikstorn') 25 kilometers north of Växjö is cared for by the local community of the neighbourhood. It is 25 meters high and has a magnificent view over a typical, Småland farmers' landscape. In clear weather you can see ten of the neighbourhood's churches. Also in the tower is a folk museum.

Skuru Hatt
Skuru Hatt. © Duo Fotografi

Skuru Hatt, Eksjö

A climb along Skurugata is an exciting trip that requires solid shoes and a warm sweater. Skurugata is a Swedish canyon with high mountain faces and an unusual plant environment including, among others, mountain mosses. Above the gap lies Skuruhatt with an endless view of the surroundings. "The hat" is one of Småland's hightest points with its 337 meters above sea level.

Tabergstoppen. © Smålandsbilder

Taberg, Jönköping

Småland's Taberg is one of Jönköping County's most known places. The mountain is visible from very far away, where it rises over 100 meters higher than the surrounding area, about 343 meters above sea level. It has impressed people at all times, and it is said that the botanist Carl Linnaeus called Taberg "Småland's miracle" when he visited the mountain in the 1800s.

A few more great places

Aboda Klint

The area around Aboda Klint is a nature reserve. From the so called Aboda Klint, a 40 meter high escarpment, you have an entrancing view of forest, farmland and the small lake Kleven.


At the top of the 80 meter high Garpedansberget ('Garpedans mountain') you find many lookout spots and a bower with a view of Gamleby and Gamleby bay. Artist Jan Pol Jerzy Przybyl has created art along a 300 meter long moutain wall - sculptures of figures from local myths and stories such as troll, elves, dragons and nymphs.

Gisseskalle, Vimmerby

A mountain, 234 meter above sea level, with a never ending view of Småland landscape.


On Lake Rymmen's eastern side lies Högakull's nature reserve. The view from here is ravishing, looking out over lakes and islands.

Idhöjden, Norra Kvill

The national park is located about 19 kilometers northwest of Vimmerby. Inside the park you find the lookout spot Idhöjden, with a height of 45 meter above the lakes Stora Idgölen and Lilla Idgölen.

Kulbacken, Västervik

Kulbacken in Västervik offers a great view of the city. Here you find, among others, Västervik's museum and Uno's tower, the highest point in Västervik.

Illernberget Tranås

Orange markers lead the way to the vantage point on Illerberget in Tranås. At the top, with a view of lake Sommen and its surroundings, you can enjoy a picnic or just a quiet moment.

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