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Sarah’s nature experiences in Småland

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Sarah's 5 best tips for Småland

Beautiful hikes, wild animals and scenic accommodations are exactly what you will find in Småland. These are Sarah's five best tips for Småland:

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1. Stay in a cabin on your very own little island

Ramoa offers an absolutely fantastic accommodation in a small cabin on an island. You paddle out to the island in a canoe and have the island all to yourself. With a comfortable double bed and breakfast delivered at your door, you don't need any special wilderness skills to survive out there. And if you are lucky you will get the chance to see the magic of the lake when the fog rises in the earliest hours of the day.


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2. Spot a moose

The further north you go in Sweden, the greater are the chances of seeing a moose – and in Småland the chances are quite good. But if you’re not lucky enough to spot a wild one, you can always go to one of Småland’s moose parks. The park in Skullaryd is a lovely one with animals roaming free in a large area.

Skullaryd Älgpark

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3. Experience the Småland Archipelago

On Småland’s east coast, nestled around the town of Västervik, you’ll find the Västervik Archipelago, made up of more than 5000 rocky islands. One of them is Hasselö, which really is the ultimate Swedish dream: Red wooden houses, rocky coasts and beautiful scenery. There you can rent kayaks or bikes and explore on water or land as the island is car-free. And stay in one of the many red wooden houses or in the cozy island hostel.

From Hasselö there is access via a small footbridge to the nearby Slädö, which is one big nature reserve.

The ferry from Västervik to Hasselö

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4. Discover Åsnen National park

Åsnen is a large lake area with over 1000 small islands. The area is rich in plant and wildlife. Moose and wild boars are often seen in the area, and the small islands are home to many birds, such as the osprey and white-tailed eagle. An obvious base for exploring Åsnen is Getnö Gård, which offers both cosy cabins for rent and a beautiful campsite in natural surroundings. From here you can go kayaking, bird watching or on guided boat trips, or wander along the banks of Åsnen.

If you get hungry along the way, visit the cozy cafe Ålshults Handelsbod.


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5. High above the treetops at Little Rock Lake

If a simple walk in the forest doesn’t offer enough action for you, you can zipline through the treetops instead. Zipline is a form of cable car, but instead of a car you attach yourself to a wire high above ground and fly through the treetops at 50 km per hour! Not for the faint hearted!
If a simple walk is more your thing, the area is also an incredibly beautiful place for a hike. Or you can just come by to enjoy the incredible view from the suspension bridge.

Little Rock Lake

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