By the banks of Sweden’s second largest lake

What to see and do both sides of Lake Vättern

Lake Vättern is Sweden’s deepest and second largest lake. This long body of water is bordered at its south end by Småland on both sides. It boasts beautiful beaches for bathing, steep banks and magnificent viewpoints. There are also lots of exciting places to visit along the lake and in the surrounding hilly countryside.

Lake Vättern – bordered by the diverse landscapes of the Småland region

Sweden’s second largest lake is surrounded by the diverse landscapes of the Småland region. Steep banks, dense forests and vibrant towns line the southern banks of Lake Vättern. The lake is so large, it gives the region its very own microclimate. The upland area on the eastern shore of the lake is the home of Äppledalen, or “Apple Valley”. The mild, maritime-like breezes make it a perfect place for apple cultivation. But it’s not just apple growers who have taken advantage of the mild climate in this region.  Over 800 years ago, King Ladulås established his first royal residence on Visingsö, the long island situated in the middle of the lake.

Nature and history around Lake Vättern

Learn about the history of the Småland region by visiting the many sites of historic interest on both sides of Lake Vättern, including ruined castles, ancient villages and historic iron forges. And as you travel to these fascinating locations, you will get to experience the beauty and diversity of the Småland countryside. Marvel at the sheer expanse of this huge inland sea and take in the stunning views of verdant valleys, tranquil lakes and dense woodland. Whether you’re exploring the region on foot on one of the many hiking trails, by bike or by car, these areas of Småland both sides of Lake Vättern have so much to offer.

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Time for a Coffee Break

During a busy day of hiking, shopping or sightseeing, there’s nothing better than finding the perfect spot to enjoy some delicious refreshments. Maybe a cup of coffee and a piece of cake? Or a hot chocolate, a cup of tea or a cool refreshing drink accompanied by a tasty snack? Sit back and recharge your batteries before you continue your Småland adventures. Here are a few cafés and eateries you can stop at when exploring both sides of Lake Vättern.


There are several places on the eastern side of Lake Vättern where you can enjoy a cup of coffee accompanied by wonderful views. Visit the historic Café Kaffestugan på Grännaberget situated above the municipality of Gränna. This charming café affords a great view of the lake and Visingsö Island. From here you can also see the apple orchards of Äppledalen (Apple Valley) stretching out beyond the lake. Rydenstams Farm Café should also be high on your list of cafés to visit. You are almost always guaranteed to be able to sample the café’s delicious apple pie made from apples from the farm’s own orchard as well as juice from the cidery. Atelier Grafit Gråis an interior design and furniture store located in Äppeldalen. The design and colour schemes used in the store create a very special ambience. The store also runs a café which is open on certain days of the week.

On the west side of Lake Vättern, you can visit Kivarps GårdFarm where you can purchase a range of local specialities produced on the farm, including goat’s cheese, air-dried ham and tomatoes. The farm’s café is also a wonderful place to enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. And not too far from Habo, you can enjoy a delicious snack in a relaxed atmosphere at Café Lustfyllt.

At the southern end of Lake Vättern there are of course many cafés and other places to stop for refreshments in the centre of Jönköping. A few kilometres south of the city you can also get a great cup of coffee whilst enjoying wonderful views from the top of Mount Taberg.


Äppledalen (Apple Valley) is situated in the uplands beyond Lake Vättern just a few kilometres north of Huskvarna. The mild climate here is favourable for fruit growing. The orchards extend from the valley floor to a small lake called Lake Landsjön. They then extend up the sunny valley slopes. The valley looks particularly beautiful during the blossom season but it’s a great place to visit any time of the year. Depending on the season, you can buy strawberries, cherries or apples as well as juices, cider and fruit wine directly from the growers from their farm stores. Depending on the season, you can buy. Why not drop by at Rudenstams fruit farm, which is currently being run by the fifth generation of the family? Or how about a delicious piece of cake at the Vistakulle Fruktodling Farm Café which boasts its own coffee roastery?

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