Röd stuga i Småland


About Småland

Småland - Sweden for real

Småland is forests, meadows, and sparkling lakes. The forests are endless, and offer everything from hiking trails to mushroom- and berrypicking. Experience absolute silence, which is only interrupted by the birds' singing and possibly the treading of the king of the forest - the moose. It is here Emil of Lönneberga and the Bullerbychildren lived in Astrid Lindgren's beloved stories. The red cottages and meadows look exactly like back then. The characters and environments of the books come alive in Astrid Lindgren's World in Vimmerby.

Many small lands

A long time ago, Småland consisted of many small lands in the deep and magical woods, with thousands of glittering lakes,
exciting highlands and an open coast to the sea. The name "Småland" comes from when the many small lands were combined into one larger land. The concept "smålänningar" (people of Småland) is said to have existed since the Middle Ages. The legend says, that perseverance and inguenity is what characterises the "smålänningar" and their 12 small landscapes.


In Småland there is room for many guests, and most people come here on their holiday to experience nature. There are more than 5 000 lakes in Småland - among them plenty of fishing lakes and streams for paddling. All of them are clean and good to swim in. Hiking and biking trails are found more or less everywhere. Make your visit exciting with an earthy adventure. Climb hills, and let hiking trails take you through deep forests. Discover life below the surface by diving deep in the ocean, or stick to the surface and go fishing or swimming.

Culture & Design

If you are interested in culture and design, there is traditional handicraft and innovative art. Try making striped rock candy, learn the noble art of glass-blowing, be knighted at a castle, or visit the magical world of fairy tales and legends where the imagination almost becomes real.

Tastes of Småland

If you like the good life, there is genuine raw produce to enjoy, grown in Småland’s soil with love and knowledge. Green asparagus, red strawberries and orange pumpkins. Follow the season and enjoy the delicacies that come with it. Celebrate the Swedish festivals with us and experience the genuine and honest Småland. Get to know a culture that is close to nature, simple, sustainable and respectful yet open-minded, inquisitive and innovative. The national dishes include "ostkaka" and "isterband". Lingonberries, also called "red gold", grow in the forests and "krösamos" (a sort of lingonberry jam) is a must-have on the dinner table.