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Content management

The content managers of this website are the three county tourism organisations working to promote tourism revenue in Småland and their own region: Region Kalmar county, Smålands Turism in Jönköping county, and Destination Småland in Kronoberg county.

Smålands Turism and Destination Småland are the regional tourism organisations in Jönköping and Kronoberg county. Jönköping county's municipalities and county councils are the owners of Smålands Turism. Destination Småland is owned by Region Kronoberg.

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Smålands Turism - Jönköping County

The owners' mission for Smålands Turism AB is to develop and promote tourism products, as well as to develop and promote tourism through efforts at regional, national and international level. The business concept that directs the work today is:
"Smålands Turism AB offers high levels of expertise and coordination in the tourism sector and develops marketing and collaboration platforms, thus strengthening the tourist competitiveness of the region, which generates profitable growth in the region and its companies."

Smålands Turism AB is headquartered in Jönköping under the leadership of CEO Helene Berg. For more information regarding Smålands Turism, visit the partnersite

Destination Småland - Kronoberg County

The owners' mission for AB Destination Småland is:
-To cctively seek cooperation with the other counties in Småland and to strenghten the brand 'Småland'.
-Stimulate cooperation, the establishment of businesses, and trade within the tourism sector.
-Create a platform for marketing domestically and internationally.
-Offer competence development for established and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The business concept is as follows:
"Destination Småland aims to increase the number of visitors to Småland, as well as to increase the profitability of companies in the tourism sector and strengthen the Småland brand in its entirety."

Destination Småland is headquartered in Växjö and Eric Wickell is the CEO. For more information visit

Region Kalmar County

The work with developing and marketing the tourism sector takes place in cooperation between "Region Kalmar County" and the local tourism coordinators. The marketing of the county primarily highlights five strong regions: Vimmerby, Västervik, Kalmar, Öland and the Kingdom of Crystal. This work is coordinated, among other things, in a county tourism group where tourism managers in each municipality and a regional tourism coordinator are included.

Together with representatives of the region's tourism industry, a joint strategic change process has begun.