Itineraries to småland

Many roads lead to Småland! Find the best itinerary for you – whether by car, train, bus, plane or ferry.

Småland in southern Sweden is so close!

Fly directly to Småland for example from Amsterdam, Berlin or Frankfurt. You can also get here by train – after all, the main line from Copenhagen to Stockholm passes through Småland. And for those arriving by car, you have the choice between the bridge over the Öresund and many ferry connections several times a day. Here we give you an overview of the various travel options to us.

Go by Train

The Swedish railway network connects to the continent via the Øresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden. The high-speed trains, which connect Copenhagen with Stockholm in five hours, cross Småland and offer numerous connections to regional trains at Älmhult, Alvesta and Nässjö stations. the so-called “Krösatågen” – in all directions. In addition, Öresundståg offers direct connections from Copenhagen to Växjö and on to Kalmar.

How do I get to Småland with my own vehicle?

There are many ways to get to Småland by car. Somewhere you might have to cross the Baltic Sea, the Öresund or the Kattegat in any case. You can either do this by yourself using the fixed bridge connections or you can be transported by one of the numerous ferry companies. Below is a small overview of the current connections.


A completely ferry-free crossing to Sweden is possible if you drive over Jutland and the Danish islands Fyn (Funen) and Sjælland (Zealand) and continue via Copenhagen to Malmö. You cross the Storebelt and the Öresund on impressive structures. The Storebelt motorway bridge connects Fyn with Sjælland and consists of two 18-kilometer-long bridges. The Öresund Bridge connects Copenhagen with Malmö in Sweden and consists of a total of 16 kilometers of bridge-tunnel combination for rail and motorway. Both bridges cost tolls. With bicycles, the bridges (currently still) can not be used.


There are direct ferry connections between Germany and Sweden from the ferry ports of Kiel, Travemünde, Rostock and Sassnitz on Rügen. The arrival ferry terminals in Sweden are Gothenburg, Malmö and Trelleborg. Småland can be reached in about one to two hours from all three ferry ports. In addition come as a further alternative routes nor the routes via Denmark – u.a. the so-called Vogelfluglinie – as well as ferry connections from Poland. Here we briefly introduce the German-Swedish ferry connections from west to east.

Kiel – Gothenburg

The two big ferries of the shipping company Stena Line – Stena Scandinavica and Stena Germanica – drive overnight between Gothenburg and Kiel.

Travemünde – Malmo

The shipping company Finnlines Travemünde connects with Malmö up to three times a day.

Travemünde – Trelleborg

With the TT-Line shipping company you can both overnight and daytime from Travemünde to Trelleborg in Sweden translate.

Rostock – Trelleborg

On the busy east route from Rostock with the direct motorway connection from Berlin, two shipping companies are in traffic. Stena Line and TT-Line.

Bird Arline

Under this name, the journey from the North German coast over the Danish islands was once marketed. Here one uses the short Scandlines ferry connections from Puttgarden on Fehmarn to Rödby or from Rostock to Gedser in Denmark and then continues on the Danish motorway. For the hopping over the Öresund to Sweden then the ferry between Helsingor and Helsingborg in question – or the Öresund Bridge (s.o.).

Fly to Småland

You can fly directly to us! Direct flights from Germany to Småland are available to Växjö, Kalmar and Jönköping. You’ll be with us in less than two hours. In addition to the direct flights to Småland, there are also connecting flights with flights via Copenhagen (CPH), Gothenburg (GOT), Stockholm (ARN) and Skavsta (NYO) south of Stockholm.