Solnedgång över Kalmar Slott
© Jörgen Tannerstedt



– the historic city by the sea

Kalmar is history, art and culture. Descend into the waves of history with a visit to Regalskeppet Kronan which, after 300 years at the bottom of the sea, is now found at Kalmar County Museum. Here you can enjoy the proximity to the sea and maybe go for a swim at the end of Storgatan. You shop and eat well, but escape the heat of a big city. While full of life, Kalmar is calm.

Kalmar gives you constant reminders of past times. The moat-surrounded Kalmar Castle dates back to the 1200s and boasts of being the city's most out-of-date landmark: here nothing has changed since 1592. Close by you will find the Old Town (Gamla Stan), that offers slow walks along winding cobbled streets through Kalmar's medieval city center. Swing by Krusenstiernska Gården for coffee and home made cakes before you approach the new city center on Kvarnholmen.

Shopping intermixed with history

Within the remains of the old city wall, Kvarnholmen houses a mixture of old and new. Here modern shopping coexists with historical buildings and nice restaurants with outdoor seating within walking distance. The cathedral from 1682 at its beautiful square with its farmers market is surrounded by classic wooden and stone houses. Just three blocks away, on Storgatan, you are able to dip your toes into Kalmarsund. On the other side of Kvarnholmen lies a well-equipped guest harbour for those who come to Kalmar from the sea.

Museums and art

All summer long, Kalmar offers activities and events. Concerts, exhibitions, theatre performances and sport events - there is always something going on. The museums attract with expos of among others Regalskeppet Kronan, Jenny Nyström, art from northeastern Europe and salty stories about life at sea. When you're done touring the city, Öland awaits. Let your feet breathe in a herb grove or say hello to the sheep on Öland's Alvar, before striking down on a rocky beach to watch the sun set over Kalmarsund.

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