Solnedgång över Kalmar Slott
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Kalmar county

– A part of Småland by the sea

The region of Kalmar, the east part of Småland invites you to explore adventures both on and along the ocean. Visit the town of one of the world’s best loved children authors, enjoy the archipelago, historic monuments, culture, design, the island Öland, nature and much more

Kalmar – the historic city by the sea

Kalmar is a city full of contrasts. It is a meeting place for long ago and here and now, for repose and vitality. Historic structures, cobblestone streets and lovely parks give the city charm and character. At the same time there is a broad range of restaurants, pubs, shops and galleries. There are multinational companies, a modern university and an airport just a ten-minute drive from the city centre. Art, culture, design, food, entertainment and shopping. Stay in Kalmar and you will get maximum experience in minimum expanse.

Coastal city

Wherever you happen to be in Kalmar, you will feel close to the sea. In how many cities can you go swimming at the end of Main Street? Or find a guest harbour in the very centre of town? Kalmar is surrounded by water. The city centre itself, Kvarnholmen, is even situated on its own island.

A taste of Kalmar

Sports, music, theater and exhibitions - whatever interests you may have, there are plenty of activities to choose from in Kalmar.


In Kalmar there are lots of sights and experiences within walking distance. A real castle, an exhibition about a war ship that sunk in the 1600’s and a spectacular art museum - just to mention a few. Wherever you are you can feel the closeness to the sea and the presence of history.

Astrid Lindgren’s Vimmerby

In the charming town of Vimmerby in northern Småland, there is a really playful destination. Astrid Lindgren, one of the world’s best loved children’s authors, was born here in the small town of Vimmerby. Astrid has touched people the world over with her books, and it was right here, in the small town of Vimmerby, that she laid the foundation for her fantastic authorship.

There is much to see and do in the Astrid Lindgren’s footsteps. How about experiencing the stories for real? Visiting the place where it all started, the childhood home Näs? Or seeing the houses and farmes that have become world famous through the films? Yes, it’s all here together with so much more.

Vimmerby town centre

Vimmerby is the town in which Astrid Lindgren grew up. It is also where she is buried. Much remains as it was when Astrid Lindgren lived here, yet it’s so different. Enjoy a walk in the town centre and experience the settings that inspired the stories, Kalle Blomkvist’s alleys, that Emil’s market, the house with Pippi Longstockings sweet shop and much more you are sure to be familiar with.


Of course you can not miss to visit Astrid Lindgren’s World or the new Filmbyn Småland in Mariannelund. It is also possible to see real Bullerbyn, Katthult and get even more inspired by the literary sorroundings of Astrid Lindgren

Västervik – the archipelago city in Småland

Savour the delights of the Swedish coast when it is at its most beautiful. Västervik is located in the north east corner of Småland. With the characteristic Småland landscape in its large inland areas, a picturesque old timber town and a large expansive archipelago made up of 5,000 islands, rocks and skerries, Västervik represents the best of everything that Sweden has to offer.

In the town you will find old timber neighbourhoods interspersed with winding coastal walks that lead to the jewel in the crown, Björn Ulvaeus’s (Yes, ABBA Björn) Slottsholmen with a restaurant, apartment suites and floating hotel.

Near by, the archipelago boats are moored ready to take you on an enchanting journey through the inner archipelago of islands, natural coves and wildlife. The archipelago boats run all summer, but another boat service is available throughout the year.

The main destinations are the islands of Hasselö, Idö and Rågö. Hasselö is the largest island and has a guest harbour, large beach, café, restaurant and bike hire. Idö is in the southern part of the archipelago and has an adorable restaurant perched on high offering sweeping views of the fairway. Rågö is in the northern archipelago and has a fantastic restaurant with excellent personal service.

Glasriket - The Kingdom of Crystal

In the Kingdom of Crystal (Glasriket) handblown glass has been made since 1742. Together with the glass-blowers, designers continuously stretch the possibilities of glass, and many glassblowing techniques have been developed through experimentation in the Småland blowing rooms. As a visitor you will encounter today both everyday glass and art glass of world-class quality, and you are welcome to step up to the glass furnaces to see it being created!

Every year visitors come here to a small area in Kronoberg and Kalmar counties in Småland that includes the municipalities of Emmaboda, Lessebo, Nybro and Uppvidinge. Many return time after time. It is easy to understand why. To watch red-hot molten glass being transformed into delicate crystal or sturdy bowls is a spectacle that one never tires of. But beyond the heat of the blowing rooms, there is also much to expe-rience. Here you will find cultural history, an abundance of nature activities as well as a large range of shopping and other activities. Why not fish in some of the many lakes, ride a bicycle trolley on one of the old railway tracks or take a course to teach yourself the basics of glassblowing?

13 Glassworks are open for visits

At the Glassworks you can see glassblowing and extrodinary glass art exhibitions, you can shop hand made glass to real good prices and at some glassworks you even get the chance to try glassblowing yourself.

Öland – the Swedes own little paradise

Could an island in the Baltic Sea be the destination you are looking for? If you are one of those who want to enjoy life, experience nature and culture, have an active holiday or just relax and recovering at the beach. Öland is your perfect match.

A bridge connects the long, beautiful island of Öland to mainland and many people think that the six-kilometer long journey between mainland and island, with sparkling water in the north and south, provides peace of mind. Let your shoulders sink down, fill your lungs with the special air and feel warm welcome to the island of the sun and the winds.

If you prefer some peaceful moments, rent a cabin by the sea and enjoy the sunset, take a walk in a small village and count the windmills, head towards the horizon and take a refreshing swim in the sea, experience the world heritage by foot or enjoy great local food at a gourmet restaurant or in the nearest harbor.

Or do you long for adventure and excitement? Catch the wind by bike or with a kite go for a guided horse riding tour along the coastline with stunning backdrops. Or do you just want to be free and without require¬ments? Well, Öland is the place to be. There is always endless of opportunities for spontaneous experiences on the island. Whatever you choose to do on the island, we can promise you memories for life.

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