Växjö City
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– the city in the heart of Småland

It's the contrasts that define Växjö. On the one hand it's pulse, shopping and entertainment, on the other it's cosy alleys, cobbled streets and culture. Växjö has arenas, lakes, an award-winning gastro-hotel, nature reserves, and so much more. Welcome to discover the small world-city.

Växjö - the lake where the roads meet

Stortorget, the main market square, is framed by the Residence and the charming, historical Stadshotellet. On Wednesdays and Saturdays the market square is filled with vegetables, fruits, cheese, fish, flowers - all depending on season. Several larger markets and city festivals are also arranged here during the year, for example "Karl-Oskardagarna" and the "MAT" fair. In the park Linnéparken, the people of Växjö gather during summers to take part in music events such as "allsång" (singalong) or Scensommar.

Varied shopping along Storgatan

With its 700 metres, Växjö has one of Sweden's longest pedestrian streets in Sweden. Adjacent are several parrallell pedestrian streets, where you will find a mix of small, unique stores, chains, second hand and specialty stores . The dining options are many - ranging from restaurants in Guide Michelin to Indian, Mexican and anything inbetween. And yes - of course there is typical Småland food as well. The shops are open every day of the week, and on weekends there is usually something fun going on for children. Find out more about what's happening in the city at Växjö City.

A city of culture

Not to forget - Växjö is also a city of culture with galleries, museums and concert halls. Småland's Museum is Sweden's oldest provincial museum and opened as early as in 1885. Among the permanent exhibits you find goodies from the museum's large collection that has grown over the years. In connection to the museum, you find The Swedish Glass Museum that exhibits a selection of Sweden's largest collection of crystal glass. In Växjö you can also go on a tour with the oldest wood-fired steamer in Sweden; Steam boat Thor. The boat travels on Helgasjön north of Växjö, with Kronoberg's Castle ruin as its home harbour.

PM Hotel
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PM & Vänner Hotel - Scandinavia's first gastro hotel

PM & Vänner Hotel is a first class hotel with an international character based on the gastronomic profile and image that PM has regarding food, service and wine cellar. PM & Vänner Hotel offers rooms spread over five categories that follows their philosophy regarding the best material choices and the diversity that the region offers. The adjacent restaurant PM & Vänner does not only have one star in Guide Michelin, but was also the first and only restaurant in Sweden to be awarded the Grand Award by Wine Spectator in 2017.


Sweden's largest food market

For two September days each year, Växjö becomes a national meeting-place for locally produced, small-scale, sustainable food at the event MAT. Over 50,000 people gather here to experience the occasion, to taste, inspire and be inspired, to learn and to spread knowledge. Culinary pleasure in a festive atmosphere. In addition to this, organisations, public authorities and private businesses organise countless other programme items in all kinds of subject areas, that draw people from all over the country. The programme targets both industry representatives and the general public.


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