Halloween at High Chaparral
The way around Old Mexico, © High Chaparral

Haunted Småland

Halloween is around the corner and ghosts sneaks out of the forests and into the cities. Spider web is everywhere, and trees swish eerily in the wind. A dark, but oh-so-exciting time lies ahead of us. Our tip for you this week, is to join a ghost walk.

High Chaparral invites you to attend a ghost walk on October 28. During daytime, the event is for kids, age 7-15, and at night, 15 and older. We have heard some rumors of what might happen in the theme park. ”Strange things happen on the way to Old Mexico. An infection that makes the dead rise up."

Kalmar Castle has a history that goes way back in time. In November, they start the ghost walk ”Horrors and atrocities”, a walk with events from a distant time. The walk introduces you to some of the worst people the castle has ever seen. In addition, it is said that a little boy sometimes can be seen wandering the halls of the castle…