Unieke Accommodatie

The Småland hospitality is something special.

Slottsvillan Huskvarna

Dating back to the late 19th century and with inspiration from Scottish and English castles ...


Slottsholmen on Water
Slottsholmen on Water. © Västervik Framåt

Slottsholmen on Water

Stay the night with the sea right by the doorstep. Björn Ulvaeus' Slottsholmen On Water...


Teleborg's Castle

Next to lake Trummen just south of Växjö city center, you find Teleborg’s Castle. ...


Garpen Fyr

Garpen is an island in Kalmarsund situated about two kilometers from Bergkvara. ....


Amalias Hus Gränna

Discover moving stories about the widow Amalia Eriksson and the houses that today make up Amalias Hus,


Ramoa's Island

In the middle of a lake lies an island, no bigger than a few square meters, ....


Hotell Fängelset

Stay in an exciting environment in the old prison from 1871 in Västervik, with meter-thick walls. Y


Västanå Manor

The castle was built in 1590, and 400 years later it became Sweden's first castle hotel. H