IKEA Museum and IKEA Hotel

“IKEA Museum in Älmhult is one of Smålands latest places to visit, and at the same time a real classic. In the summer of 2016, the long-awaited IKEA Museum opened in the building where the worlds first IKEA store opened in 1958.”

The past, the present , the future

The story of IKEA is to some extent also the story of all Swedes. The large furniture store with Ingvar Kamprad at the helm has played an important role in countless teenage rooms, decorated many living rooms with all kinds of textiles, and made people’s homes more homely.

To be able to follow the story of how it all began is fascinating to say the least. The present and future also play important roles in the exhibitions, which makes a visit to IKEA Museum all the more exciting.

The main exhibition at IKEA Museum is divided into four sections: Our Roots, Democratic Design, IKEA Through the Ages and The Many Sides of Ingvar Kamprad. (N.B. IKEA Through the Ages and The Many Sides of Ingvar Kamprad will close 5 September 2022 and open up during late spring 2023.) Take a closer look at the everyday life in the 19th century Småland, find out more about Ingvar Kamprad’s childhood, and the 20th century transformation of Swedish society where a new vision of home led the way. Our Roots explores the society, living conditions and spirit that prevailed in the Sweden that fostered a young boy’s emerging business. The story continues through the 20th century up to the present, lined with furniture and interior design classic that everyone can relate to. If you want, you can even grab a copy of the cover of this year’s IKEA Catalogue – with you on it!

IKEA Museum also has temporary exhibitions. Read about the exhibitions on IKEA Museum’s homepage. Visit IKEA Museum Digital for The Story of IKEA and Catalogue through the Ages through your computer or phone.

In the same building as the museum, there is also a shop and restaurant. Here you will find the museum’s profile products and familiar classics. The KÖKET restaurant has a menu that is based on IKEA’sfamous meatballs – with a modern twist.

Across the street from IKEA Museum you find IKEA Hotel. The hotel is as old as IKEA itself, yet still the only IKEA Hotel in the world. Whether on a work trip, a family holiday, or a weekend getaway, you will find a room that suits your needs. With inspiring IKEA interior everywhere, and a nod to the Småland heritage in everything, you can see why Älmhult really is the heart of IKEA. The restaurant serves up food inspired by the Scandinavian cuisine and ingredients from the Småland pantry. Come inside and make yourself at home.