About Småland

Through forests, archipelagos, and bustling cities, you will find the essence of Sweden in Småland. Here, there are thousands of lakes, enchanting tales, and wonderful restaurants that perfectly satisfy your hunger for bathing trips, adventures, and tasty food

Småland – The essence of Sweden

Ancient forests, red and white houses, and fantastic stories. Green meadows filled with flowers, berries, and delightful scents. Archipelagos, coastlines, and lakes with sparkling water. Thousands …

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Ancient forests, red and white houses, and fantastic stories. Green meadows filled with flowers, berries, and delightful scents. Archipelagos, coastlines, and lakes with sparkling water. Thousands of islands and plenty of tranquility. Charming towns with life, culture, and fabulous restaurants and cafes.

In Småland, you will find the raw, unadulterated, and utterly wonderful version of Sweden – from the coast to the highlands, Vättern Lake in the north, and deciduous forests in the south. From moose parks and mountain bike trails to vibrant cities full of history.

It is a playground filled with experiences – whether you are a child, an adult, or a bit of both. Here, you can relax, hike, paddle, cycle, experience, explore, and taste so much that you will never experience it all.

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Adventurous Nature – Filled with Activities

The adventurous nature of Småland cannot be completely described. It is best experienced firsthand. This can be done on foot, from the saddle of a bicycle, or perhaps in a canoe or kayak, slowly paddling through lakes, rivers, or among thousands of rocky islands. In Småland, you will find genuine wilderness with forests, mountains, and marshes – and four national parks, each distinctly unique. Here, you can immerse yourself in nature and take it all in. Along the coast, you can experience encounters with seals, eagles, fishing lines, and calm sunrises over the sea – for example, in the archipelago town of Västervik, offering world-class outdoor activities. And if you crave more excitement, try the thrilling zip lines at Little Rock Lake Zipline with views over Änghultasjön. Or speed down hills and trails on mountain bikes, or even on the slopes at Isaberg Mountain Resort.

Stories for Children of All Ages

Children love Småland, and with good reason. Thanks to Astrid Lindgren’s timeless stories, Småland is wonderfully familiar to most children. These stories can be experienced firsthand, for example, in Vimmerby, Lindgren’s hometown. Here, you can visit the amusement park Astrid Lindgren’s World, where the stories come to life – or explore the world of film by visiting idyllic settings that served as film locations like Bullerby and Katholt, or visit Filmbyn Småland. However, the storytelling traditions in Småland go beyond the famous author’s stories. For centuries, oral storytelling has been cultivated in Småland – a tradition so unique that it has become part of UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage. The whole family can experience this tradition at places like Sagomuseet in Ljungby, where even non-Swedish-speaking visitors can understand, thanks to the guides.

Perfect Setting for Family

Småland also offers the perfect setting for a family vacation. Find beautifully located campgrounds, thousands of swimming lakes, and plenty of family-friendly activities, including museums and nature and adventure parks. Meet the kings of the forest at the elk parks of Småland or travel to the Wild West at High Chaparral theme park. And if you have a sweet tooth, you can’t miss making your own “polkagris,” the unique candies from the red and white town of Gränna by Lake Vättern. Visit one of the many candy workshops in the town and see skilled candy makers transform hot candy mass into delicious polkagris candies.

Furniture, Glass, and World-Renowned Design

Småland’s design and craftsmanship are known worldwide. Just think of IKEA, the global design and business adventure that started in Älmhult, Småland – an adventure you can learn more about at the IKEA Museum in the city. But Småland’s furniture design is more than just IKEA. With a foundation in wood from the vast forests, there is a proud tradition here of elegant, refined, and Nordic simplicity in furniture. You can experience this tradition, among other places, at Möbelriket, an area with numerous furniture producers buzzing with activity. Here, you can witness how the design heritage and craft traditions of the past have left a clear imprint on society. And then there is glass – the fragile, wonderful material that is another design success from Småland. Between Kalmar and Växjö, you will find Glasriket, a collection of villages with numerous glassworks that have been the center of a glass industry recognized in large parts of the world since 1742. It is now a popular destination with mills and studio cottages, beautifully framed by Småland’s nature. Try your hand at glass blowing and experience the fascinating world of glass production – from the hot furnace to shops selling glass in all shapes and colors.

Cities with History, Soul, and Experiences

Just as fascinating as the nature in Småland are the three larger cities in the region. Kalmar is the historic city by the sea with a rich cultural life and museums, cafes, and restaurants. Here, you can enjoy the proximity to the sea and stroll along the beautiful cobblestone streets, passing Kalmar Castle with both permanent and changing exhibitions – and in the summer, it becomes a true paradise for children. Jönköping, located at the southern tip of Lake Vättern, is a beautifully situated city with cozy streets, lovely restaurants, and the possibility for many exciting excursions and guided tours. The nature with the lake, forest, and even a mountain frames the city, and you can shop at both international retail chains and small, local stores. In Växjö, you can experience the fantastic combination of the city’s pulse and the beauty of nature in the small global city, which also offers world-class food – including at the gastro hotel PM och Vänner, which is one of Sweden’s best food destinations.


No visit is complete without tasting it all. Food experiences in Småland range from the simple and rustic to Michelin-starred cuisine. For example, a trip to the forest with a basket and an appetite is a must. Enjoy blueberries, lingonberries, chanterelles, and all the other treasures that grow abundantly throughout Småland – delicacies that are just waiting to be picked. And of course, there must be room in your stomach for all the cafes, restaurants, and fantastic local dishes. Taste the national dish isterband (a type of sausage) – and don’t miss lingonberry jam or cheesecake either.

Facts about Småland

Largest cities: Jönköping, Växjö, Kalmar
Flower: Twinflower – Linnaea borealis
Moss: Schistostega pennata
Stone: Red Växjö granite
Mushroom: Hericium coralloides

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Largest cities: Jönköping, Växjö, Kalmar
Flower: Twinflower – Linnaea borealis
Moss: Schistostega pennata
Stone: Red Växjö granite
Mushroom: Hericium coralloides
Apple: Hornsberg
Insect: Hornets
Bird: Song Thrush
Fish: Catfish
Animal: Otter

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Where is Småland located?

Småland is located in southern Sweden, and it is one of the most popular travel destinations in the entire country.

What can you do in Småland?

There are plenty of activities for both adults and children. For children, there are amusement parks, zoos, and playgrounds. For adults, there are restaurants, shops, and cultural activities.

What is the weather like in Småland?

The weather resembles the Danish weather, so you do not need to get used to large temperature differences when traveling to Småland. However, it is a good idea to have warm clothing with you so you don’t get cold while experiencing the fantastic nature.

What is special about Småland?

Småland is known for its beautiful nature, charming towns, and many activities for both adults and children.

What accommodation options are available in Småland?

There are plenty of options to accommodate your preferences. Whether it’s hotels, cabins, apartments, or a cottage, there are plenty of opportunities to stay safe and sound in the Swedish idyll.

The people of Småland are known for their toughness, resourcefulness, and quick-wittedness, and that’s exactly what you need if you have chosen to settle in the borderland between forests and rocks, in the “small countries” of Småland, between the fertile plains of Östergötland and Västergötland to the north, and Skåne to the south. And we have had to come up with solutions and fend for ourselves!