Welcome to Småland

Småland is found both in beautiful stories, as well as in depictions of reality. And it's the diversity, the wide range, the ingenious, playful and genuine that is the soul of our beautiful landscape. Welcome to us - to find your Småland.

Hot design

Visit the hot glassworks of the Kingdom of Crystal. See the artists form the glowing, melted glass mass into pieces of art. Every glassworks has their own style, and of course you can visit the glass shops to buy some unique pieces. If you're lucky, you can even attend an Hyttsill in the evening.

Swedish Christmas Dinner

In Sweden, it is tradition to attend at least one Christmas Dinner. The Christmas Dinner exists of a buffet, with plenty of food, sweets and heartwarming drinks. On a classic Christmas Dinner, you…

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Haunted Småland

Halloween is around the corner and ghosts sneaks out of the forests and into the cities. Spider web is everywhere, and trees swish eerily in the wind. A dark, but oh-so-exciting time lies ahead of…

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