korrö health & gourmet tour

Korrö is a unique combination of history, tastes and incredible nature. Welcome to something else!

A warm welcome from the Abrahamsson family at Korrö

Welcome to Health- u0026 Gourmet-tours at Korrö handicraft village. During many years we have offered our visitors an extraordinary food and nature experience. The tour has become very popular and appreciated by our guests. Every year we try to improve the food served at the tour, by using locally produced products. Together with our professional guide the visitors get to taste and enjoy many delicacies from Småland, in beautiful surroundings. You also get to try what food the nature has to offer for our health. The tour goes along the wonderful Ronneby river, and through Korrö´s

national reserve. The guide will tell you about herbs and plants, and also give a presentation of old swedish folk stories.

*The Abrahamsson family*

– the tour is 4 km long and lasts 4-5

– hours

– Price

– ‘Health u0026 Gourmet tour890 SEK’

– ‘Health u0026 Gourmet tour incl. accomodation and meals 1740 SEK’

“You also get to try what food the nature has to offer for our health”

Korrö Handicrafts Village is beautifully situated along the Ronneby River. Loads of visitors come here every year to relax among the red houses and enjoy great food in a stunning setting. You’ll find a hotel, a hostel, a café, and an excellent restaurant right by the rippling waters of Ronneby River.It is a popular destination, with a wonderful nature reserve for hiking. The cultural environment is well preserved and the many beautiful buildings serve as a reminder of the various businesses operating here over the years. The facility is run by Åsa and Ola Abrahamsson and their family.

Korrö Handicrafts Village has a rich history that goes far back in time. It seemed only natural to build along the Ronneby River, taking advantage of the hydropower needed for running businesses. With the road Häradsvägen also crossing the river at Korrö, the location quickly became important for many people in the area. In books from the 16th century, you can read about “Corro Quarn”. By late 19th century, Korrö is booming with a tannery, dyeing house, sawmill, brewery, mill, spa, shop, and more. Here, Ronnebyå River divides, forming an island connected by two old stone bridges.

Since the 1950s, there have been hostels on Korrö, and in 2007, a new restaurant was built. Today, there are 22 buildings, four of which are used as hotels and hostels. Korrö Nature Reserve was formed in the early 70s and is now widely used by visitors from near and far. You can also rent a canoe or a bike to venture further into the nature of Småland

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The 4.5 km tour lasts about 4-5 hours.

By phone – +46 (0)470-342 49 or by e-mail: info@korro.se

text: ‘Enjoy this video from Korrö and the Health u0026Gourmettour in the nature reserve. And listen to the nice swedish guide. Maybe you can´t understand what she says but the pictures talk to you and give you an idea of this perfect mix of food and nature.’

– 000 SEK

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