Spying on bugs
Spying on bugs

Kids & family

Inquisitive kids

Småland has lots to offer all curious and inquisitive children. Try glassblowing, learn about nature, be a researcher for a day – no adventure is too small for inquisitive children!

Insect watching at Huseby Bruk

At Naturum (nature information centre) Kronoberg at Huseby Bruk, the children can take part in a nature school in the summer with insect watching, walks, experiments and guided discovery walks. The indoor part of Naturum has exciting exhibitions about animals and nature where they can feel how heavy a wolf is, crawl into an eagle’s nest and see how big the paws of a lynx really are. Website in Swedish


Carl von linne trädgård Råshult
Linnés Råshult

Linnés Råshult

Linnés Råshult is the birthplace of one of Sweden’s most influential scientists – Carl Linnaeus. Nowadays, it is a culture reserve that includes an assistant priest’s house, herb garden, kitchen garden, pleasure garden, meadows and grazing animals. Walk around on your own or join a guided tour. The meadows and grounds are tended using old-fashioned methods to show visitors what the 18th-century landscape would have looked like.


Ingebo Hagar

Ingebo Hagar, located just outside Vimmerby, is an idyllic village with lots to discover! Meet and learn more about all the animals on the farm, which include Gotland sheep, Muscovy ducks, horses, hens, rabbits, cats and dogs. Explore the footpaths and then enjoy a nice coffee or lunch at the KRAV-labelled eco-café at the farm. There are activities here for the whole family.


World of Dinousaurs
World of Dinousaurs. © Svenska Dinosaurie museet

A world of Dinosaurs

Are you brave enough to come face to face with living dinosaurs? Ten kilometres outside Kalmar there is an exciting exhibition about the dinosaurs’ time on earth. The exhibition is the biggest in Europe and shows more than a hundred skeletons and ‘live’ dinosaurs of real size. They even move and roar! They include T-Rex, raptors, Triceratops, Pterodactyls, water-dwelling dinosaurs and many, many more.


The ball coaster
The ball coaster. © IKEA Museum

IKEA museum

The premises of the world’s first IKEA shop are in Älmhult, and they have now been turned into and opened as a museum. Playful and creative exhibitions make IKEA Museum a fun visitor attraction for young and old.


emåns eko museum
Emåns ekomuseum

The Emån Ecological Museum

At the Emån Ecological Museum there is a mill with exhibitions, a drop forge where all the forging is done and a mechanical workshop. In the old days, horses were shod in the drop forge and the finishing work was done with machines and tools in the workshop. River Emån is 220 km long, and in the surroundings of the museum there is a nature loop that cuts through 12 different nature types. There are information signs along the way about tree species, flora, fauna and points of interest. Website in Swedish


Minivärlden Ljungby - An experience for the whole family

Experience, discover and be inspired by the amazing worlds of the miniatures. Be fascinated by Dr Schultze's old fantasy railway or Lilla Småland's genuine landscapes and environments.
Run your own model train or try our robot track. See our historical exhibitions, tin soldiers, airplanes or Holger Johansson's carved wooden figures. Take a break in the cinema or our café. 1000 sqm is waiting for you.


Upptech Jönköping
Upptech Jönköping. © Upptech Jönköping Science Park

Upptech, Jönköping Science Center

A place with natural science and technology under the same roof. Try a journey through space, test-drive an electric car, conduct water experiments or figure out an electric switch. In the school holidays, there are also planetary shows. Website in Swedish


Glasriket. © AB Glasriket/Hans Runesson

Try glassblowing in the Kingdom of Crystal

Most activities can be made suitable for children, including glassblowing. Many of the glassworks in the Kingdom of Crystal offer children and adults the chance to blow, paint or engrave glass


Other fun family activities