Eagle and seal safari

In Västervik archipelago, the boat awaits you. Idö Skärgårdskrogs invites you to enjoy an eagle and seal safari on the outskirts of the archipelago. Västervik’s outer archipelago is a genuine wilderness. Among the islets and reefs, you’ll meet seals and eagles and acquire a really magnificent nature experience.

Just a half-hour boat ride from Västervik centre the outer archipelago awaits you. This is where the eagles and seals reign supreme. The surface of the sea is broken by islets and reefs which are fantastic resting areas for the grey seal. You will get to meet the three-meter-long and 200-300 kg heavy “monsters” and look deep into their gentle brown eyes. High above the horizon the white-tailed eagle hovers in circles. It is our largest eagle with a wingspan of 250 cm.

Knowledgeable guide accompanies you on the seal safari

The tour departs from the terminal in Västervik and Horns udde and after only a few minutes, you are in Sweden’s most beautiful archipelago, Västervik archipelago. The thickly foliaged islands with summer cottages are soon replaced by rugged cliffs as the boat leaves the coast. The giants of the sea await you here, the grey seal and the white-tailed eagle. Idö’s savvy activity guides will take you to their favourite places. There is a ban on landing on some of the islands from January to August to protect the wildlife so your guide will take you into other areas, always with the greatest respect for wildlife.

Sea and cliffs in Västervik archipelago

Take the opportunity to book a trip early in the spring or during the late autumn, and experience the archipelago at its best. Spring in the archipelago is characterised by light mist, birds breeding and the tranquillity of the sea. The colours are grey and blue with the bustle of civilisation far away. Autumn offers bright colours and brilliant sunlight over the green sea. Take a warm jacket, a thick sweater and sturdy shoes and enjoy what nature has to offer you. Or take a rest from sunbathing and go on safari to search for seals and eagles among the glittering waves.

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