Gravel bike in Småland
© Alexander C Svensson

picturesque surroundings

Gravel and main-road cycling

Biking around in Småland is an excellent way to discover those hidden spots that make your trip extra special. Bring your own bike, or rent everything you need on site. Here we list a few of Småland's gems when it comes to cycle trails.

Mailroad bike in Småland
View over Visingsö Island.. © Alexander C Svensson

Gränna Hills, 40 km

This lovely gravel road circuit starts in central Gränna and its picturesque surroundings. It’s challenging right from the start, and you soon come out onto some great gravel roads. This circuit is varied and meanders through forest and meadows. The route ends by Lake Vättern, with stunning views. This is a challenging ride.

Great places en route: Why not stop off at Café 7:an, the perfect resting place after around 28 km, where they serve Småland’s national dish, Ostkaka.
Nearby accommodation: Västanå Slott,

bergsklippa Bunn
Small lakes close by the road.. © Alexander C Svensson

Small roads to Bunn, 90 km

This route is suitable for road bikes or leisure cycling. It starts in central Jönköping and takes you up out of the city, following a challenging corkscrew road with a waterfall. Next you’ll come to some quieter roads that make for fast and exhilarating cycling. At this route you will pass the beautiful village of Bunn, Småland’s Tuscany with open countryside and Lake Landsjön - the most popular cycling route in Småland. After the stunning viewpoint Vista Kulle the route goes through apple orchards with an unparalleled view of Lake Vättern back towards Jönköping. This ride is relatively easy.
Great places en route: Gårdsrosteriet
Nearby accommodation: Stora Hotellet Jönköping. Hotel Vox,Scandic Elmia Jönköping

landsvägscykling småland
Roads with open fields.. © Alexander C Svensson

Habo Church gravel, 64 km

This gravel road ride starts in central Jönköping. After some kilometers on asphalt road you’ll find yourself out on great roads through paddocks and rolling hills. After 12 kilometres you’ll come to Jönköping’s most popular gravel road cycling, called Älgafall. Throuh dense forests the road leads to the town of Mullsjö and further on along crunchy gravel towards Habo church. On your return to Jönköping you get a striking view of the city and Lake Vättern. This ride is relatively easy.

Great places en route: Lands konditori, which is a real gem in the area. The café serves a cake buffet on the weekends. Nearby accommodation: Stora Hotellet Jönköping, Hotel Vox, Scandic Elmia, Jönköping.

bikes in the grass
Close to nature around Vetlanda. © Chris Lanaway

Around Vetlanda, 60 km

This main road route sets off from central Vetlanda towards the Småland countryside for a seriously challenging ascent. Turn northwards at Ekekull and after 30 kilometres you’ll pass the Mellby church. The route continues along the lake Solgen then finally turns back towards Vetlanda through farmland and dense Småland forests. After 60 kilometres you’ll be back at the outskirts of Vetlanda. You can do a shorter version of this circuit by turning off at the village of Värne after 27.5 km. This will make the circuit just over 40 km. This ride is relatively easy.

Great places en route: Forngården’s summer café, serving waffles and ice cream.
Nearby accommodation: Wallby Säteri

Cyklister i Småland
Gravel around Isaberg. © Chris Lanaway

Isaberg, 100 km

Bring some extra provisions in your rucksack on this main road route starting right by Isaberg golf club. The ride takes you between Småland’s thousands of lakes and watercourses towards Gnosjö, along small, winding roads with little traffic. After Gnosjö you meander onward towards Marieholms Bruk, a former ironworks and boat factory. The barge traffics the Marieholm canal between Hillerstorp and Marieholm in the summer. Then head northwards, passing dense, enchanted forests en route back towards Isaberg golf club. This ride is relatively easy.
Great places en route: Buy waffles at Marieholms Bruk (Wednesdays and Sundays during the summer.)
Nearby accommodation: Hestraviken, Isaberg Mountain Resort