Nature reserves

In protected areas such as national parks and nature reserves there are special rules designed to protect valuable natural and cultural features. Some rules restrict the Right of Public Access, others expand it.

Reserves and Sanctuaries in Sweden

There are several ways to protect nature, and according to the Swedish Environmental Code, the County Administrative Board (‘Länsstyrelsen’) may form nature reserves and bird sanctuaries. In many c…

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There are several ways to protect nature, and according to the Swedish Environmental Code, the County Administrative Board (‘Länsstyrelsen’) may form nature reserves and bird sanctuaries. In many cases nature needs to be managed, so that the species living there can survive. Nature reserves are the most common form of protection of natural areas, and they can be formed to preserve biodiversity, to conserve and preserve valuable natural environments or to meet the need for outdoor recreation.

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Småland is rich in nature. There are great coniferous forests, flowering meadows, warm cliffs in the archipelago and lush birch forests. No matter where in Småland you are located, there is protected nature around the corner.

Here are some tips on beautiful nature reserves – Småland has around 400 of them

Pines, leafy deciduous forests, deep gorges and Röttle stream. In Västanå nature reserve, the contrasts are large. Thw birdlife is rich and unusual species can sometimes be seen. The nature reserve is known for its spring flora and its many species. Blue anemones, wood anemones and yellow anemones are some spring favourites. Jönköping County.

At Rusarebo, the meadow has been preserved as it was long ago. There is a wide range of plant species that promote biodiversity. Adjacent lies a beautiful lake, and many animals live in the area, such as bats, badgers and common weasels. Jönköping County.

Helgö is the largest island of the lake Helgasjön. Here, nature is varied with pine bogs, beech forests and mixed coniferous forests. If you are visiting Helgö, you will experience a large nature area near Växjö city. Enjoy the lake view and wander among old beech and pine trees. Perhapsyou will come across a cairn or a stone formation, that people many, many generations before us gathered to cultivate, or to honour their dead. Kronoberg County.

At a height with a great view, just outside Klavreström, you find the very beautiful nature reserve Libbults ängar (Libbhult’s meadows). The reserve is characterised by large, continuous meadows and pastures. There are also grove-like forest areas and a gully. Virtually all the reserve’s land has once been hayland. Kronoberg County.

Våraskruv offers an extraordinary nature experience. Around what once was a lonely farm, whose buildings still stand, there are large parts of the old agricultural landscape, preserved on the slopes down to the lake Våraskruvssjön. Kronoberg County.

Höö is an island in lake Möckeln, connected to land by a bridge. Besides the island, the nature reserve also includes areas of water in Möckeln as well as plenty of smaller islands. The nature on Höö consists of a mosaic of meadows, fields, pastures and deciduous forests, and the flora is unusually rich. The reserve offers lots of opportunities for walking and other outdoor acitivities. Kronoberg County.

The area around Aboda Klint is a nature reserve, and the reserve offers varied natural habitats from cultivated landscapes with elements of deciduous forests, to wildernessterrain. From the so-called Aboda Klint, an approximately 40 meter high escarpment, you have a breathtaking view of both forest and cultivation fields as well asthe small lake Kleven. Kalmar County.

With its 2500 hectare, Allgunnen is one of Kalmar County’s largest nature reserves. The lake, which has given the reserve its name, is part of the reserve, along with the many larger and smaller islands. The good water quality of lake Allgunnen makes it habitable for many fish species, and because the lake is so rich in fish, birds such as the Osprey and Black-throated Diver breed here. Even otters thrive in the fresh water. Kalmar County.

In the nature reserve of Misterhult’s northern archipelago, you find a piece of untamed archipelago nature at its best. The area is ideal for outdoor activities. Kalmar County.

The nature reserve Northern Tjust archipelago has over 200 islands and islets. The archipelago’s nature changes from barren islets in the east to lush, wooded islands in the west, and invites you to go boating, kayaking, fishing and swimming. Kalmar County.

On the websites of the County Administrative Boards, you can find out more about Småland’s 400 nature reserves and what they offer in form of hiking trails and picnic areas. (Links to Swedish websites.)

Nature camping

Stay at a wilderness camp in Småland and experience real nature – it will be an experience to remember.


Hundreds of kilometers invite you to longer or shorter hikes in the Småland landscape.

Småland Waters

We’re spoiled with them here in Småland, but we like to share. Here, we give you some of Småland’s most beautiful waters.

Activities close to nature

Anyone is free to explore in our nature, but we’ve made it a bit easier for you – here are some nice tips to check out for great nature experiences.