Stream fishing

“Fish that lurk in the rippling, shallow waters. The only question is, whos the most stubborn – the angler or the fish?”

Gustavsfors Helge Å

Gustavsfors is a well-kept and beautiful fish protextion area with streaming waters in Helge å just outside Älmhult. It is known for its exclusive fly fishing and spin fishing for Rainbow trout. There are two exciting stretches for angling, with stable stocks of Bream, Pike and Chub. Angling also gives you the possibility to catch Eel, Blue bream and White bream.

In total, there are about 20 fish species in the 2 km stretch that is Helge å. Even the Wels Catfish – Småland’s landscape fish – which is the largest fresh water fish found in our waters. The fishing period ranges from 1 April to 30 November. The stretch is divided into four zones where different fishing gear is allowed. The sensitive species Trout and Greyling can be found in the waters again, but have to be put back if caught.

Fishing licenses for most of the area are sold in a vending machine at Bäckaholmen. Here you can use VISA and MasterCard. You can pick up two Rainbow trouts per day. For fishing in Delary Dammsjö, where you among others can fish for Pike-perch, you buy a license in Delary. At Bäckholmen there is a footbridge, service house and dry toilet, and you can find plenty of parking spots along the river.

Fly fishing in Emån and Alsterån

With close to 35 different fish species, Emån is one of the streams in Sweden that is most rich in species. In fact, Emån is considered one of Europe’s best fishing waters. Besides Salmon and Brown trout, Pike, Perch and Chub are the most common species found. Emån is 220 km long and runs through 8 municipalities in Småland. That makes Emån into a very beautiful and varied fishing paradise.

In the streaming parts of Näset, fly fishers are offered the chance to catch Rainbow trout or Brown trout. Here you find an online fishing guide, and Emån’s fishing contractors, “Fiskenätet” (the fishing net), can give you all the information on fishing in the Emå area, with local tips on methods, lures and choice of fl y or bait. Here you can also buy a

fishing permit, rent equipment and get all the help you need for successful fishing.

One of Småland’s most exciting fishing waters can be found 45 minutes north east of Växjö. Alsterån offers scenic trout fishing in the wilderness of Småland. The fishing water is diverse and varies from clear streaming water to calmer parts with marshy meadows and ponds, and so, with a total stretch of 15 kilometres, Alsterån offers both advanced stream fishing as well as tranquil ponds for those who prefer some peace and quiet. In Alsterån an original strain of Brown trout can be found, which is strengthened by yearly release of chosen local strains of high quality. In some parts of the stream there is also Pike, Perch, Bream, Tench, and Roach, as well as Signal Crayfish. The fishing season ranges from early March to late September.

Föreda Kvarndammsfiske

Föreda Kvarndammsfiske offers guides and instructors suited for both experienced fishermen as well as beginners. Fishing courses and customised fishing packages for a number of waters in Småland, starting out in Vetlanda. Trout and Rainbow trout are the most common species in the area. Find contact details on the website *(the rest, unfortunately, is only in Swedish)*. is Swedens leading portal for digital fishing permits. Here you will find a fishing license for most of Sweden’s largest and popular fishing lakes and rivers. Search for fishing areas, look at maps, read fishing reports and read more about Swedish fish species and angling methods.

Private: Fishing

Few areas in Sweden offer such diversity when it comes to fishing opportunities like Småland does.

Fishing Guides in Småland

Our local fishing guides know their waters and where the fish usually hide. Book a guide and learn all local fishing secrets!

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