Fly among the trees

“Take the chance to get a new perspective on nature and life. In the middle of Smålands deep forests you find Europes longest and biggest zipline adventure, and a unique opportunity to challenge any fear of heights. Hanging in the air, strapped in a harness connected to a wire, you fly over trees and lakes at an impressive speed.”

Little Rock Lake Zipline in Sweden has quickly become one of the most talked about experiences in Sweden and Småland. There are many adventure tracks and high rope courses, but Little Rock Lake Zipline is something else. The course is situated in the middle of wilderness, deep in the forests of Småland, 50 km north of Växjö. No houses as far as the eyes can see, just trees and lakes which you discover from a bird’s perspective. Enjoy the feeling of flying, the dizzying speed at high altitude, travelling through the 150-year-old forest landscape. This is Europe’s longest zipline, unique in its kind.

A safe adventure

Safely strapped in a harness you glide along a steady wire suspended between platforms, towers and trees at a top speed of 75 km/h – sometimes as high as 52 meters above ground. The latest addition at Little Rock Lake is parallel lines that make it possible for two people to zip at the same time and compete to arrive first at the next tower.

During your adventure you are always accompanied by two trained guides: one that goes before you and will meet you at each platform, and one that helps you at the start of each new section. When you pause at the stations, the guides tell you about the nature of Kronoparken and Småland’s animals. There is a chance to see elk and deer – that is, if the screams and laughter of those who go aren’t too high!

A challenge that suits everyone

Going ziplining is for anyone between 5-99 years of age. Children can tandem-zip with an adult, and from about 11 years of age you manage to zip yourself. The minimum weight for zipping yourself is 35 kg, the max. weight 125 kg. Pregnant women are advised not to zip, but it’s not impermissible.

Those who feel that ziplining is too much of an adventure can still climb to the top of the highest tower and enjoy the fascinating view of forest and lakes. Ziplining is done in any weather except in storms and thunderstorms, hence clothes for all weather types are recommended. Sandals, flip-flops or any other loose-fitting clothing items are not allowed.

Make the most of your wilderness adventure

The Fine Forest restaurant is situated at the highest point of the Base Camp with an amazing view over Änghultasjön and the forest surrounding it. They serve local food from local suppliers and pick their own blueberries and other foods from the nature right outside the door. If you rather want to bring your own picnic basket, you can use one of their public grill areas.

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Below the surface

In the deep blue, below the surface, an incredible treasure is hidden. Småland has an amazing underwater-nature.


Åsnen, a lake with a unique archipelago, a 700 km shoreline and more than a thousand islands. This is also where you find Sweden’s 30th national park.

Eagle and seal safari

Västervik’s outer archipelago offers a true wilderness experience. Go on a tour among the isles and see seals and eagles.

Småland for everyone

Småland is a popular travel destination for good reason, both for young and old – here you can experience beautiful landscapes and much more.