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Nature & Adventure

Biking in an idyll

Discovering Småland by bike is a fun summer adventure. In the nature around Mullsjö, deep forests are mixed with open plains and calm lakes. If you want to experience this from the bike saddle, there are lots of trails to choose from.

In Mullsjö, you have the unique opportunity to rent a bike at Björkhaga Hotel!

Lilla Vildmarksleden is a trail of about 23 km that takes you through a cultural landscape where you will be surrounded by horses, sheep, cows, stone walls and great forests. During the trip you will also pass nice spots to make a stop and go for a swim. It takes about 1,5-2 hours.

Sandhemsrundan is 33 km long, goes past forests, meadows and lakes and takes about 2 hours to bike.

Brängen runt is a 35 km long trail that leads you through nature reserves and the beautiful landscape. Discover all the cultural spots that can be found along the trail and if you make short detours. Among others, you will find a popular swimming place in Näs, Mullsjö Alpin exhibits farms and forestry in operation, and Åros offers grand hiking trails. Without any detours, the trail takes around 2,5-3 hours to bike.

Bottnarydsrundan is a longer bike trail of 50 km. Along the way you can see and experience a lot of things, including cultural environments, forests and churches with ancient histories. The trail is recommended as a full day trip.

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If you want to stay overnight...

There is also a round-trip tour that takes two days to bike, which starts at Björkhaga Hotel. The trail goes both through forest as well as plains.


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