Fishing together with children
Fishing together with children. © Alexander Hall

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Home of the big fish

A fishing trip to Småland can be a varied adventure to say the least. Whether you prefer sitting in a boat in a silent lake, standing in the middle of a current stream or fishing in the open sea, you will be able to find what you are looking for. The pike is the real giant of the waters in Småland.

Some tips

The best game fish in Småland are pike, perch and pike-perch, for which spin fishing is primarily used. These fish can be found in most waters, both smaller lakes and on the coast. In fact, some of Sweden's best pike-perch waters are located in Småland and they deliver some of the largest sport fishing specimen in the country every year.

Pike fishing is popular in both lakes and at sea, and it can be done in many different ways. Apart from spin fishing the most common methods are vertical fishing and trolling, preferably with long and thin baits in flaring colours. Night fishing in some lakes, using trolling, can result in really big pikes and pike-perch. Try this in the lakes Bolmen and Rusken, for example.

One of the many great fishing spots in Småland is Högsby Municipality. If you dream about catching a large pike, take a trip to lake Allgunnen, a real pearl in the wilderness with pike guarantee. With a tourist fishing license you are able to fish in 29 lakes and running waters divided into ten fish conservation areas within Högsby Municipality.

Västervik is one of the best places in Sweden for inshore fishing and attracts anglers from all over Europe. Here you find world-class pike fishing as well as great sea trout and bass fishing.

Lake Åsnen has what we call a lake archipelago with about 1000 islands and a unique coastline. The total coastline, islands included, is 740 kilometers long, so there is lots to discover. The lake is shallow with just three meter average depth, and the old pike wait patiently for their baits, hidden in the reeds. Pike fishing is especially good here.

Alsterån has great waters for stream fishing. The water is diversified and has clear streaming water, marshes and dams. This means the water is suitable for both fly fishing, angling and fishing with a casting rod. Find out more about stream fishing.

Local rules apply

Before you get started, you need to buy a fishing permit. It is important to know that it does not give you the right to fish anything and anywhere. Every fishing permit comes with more or less detailed local fishing rules to take note of and follow. The rules may for instance relate to protected species, the minimum size of fish caught or closed seasons and areas for some fish species. The website iFiske has information on many of the lakes in Småland and offers a convenient way to buy digital fishing permits.