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Get in touch with us, the regional tourism organisations, to scout everything Småland & Öland has to offer for your clients!

You probably already have a picture of Småland’s glittering lakes and deep forests in your mind’s eye – even if it’s just from the stories of Bullerbyn, which made Astrid Lindgren’s home, Småland, world famous. But do you also know about IKEA’s roots and the Smålanders’ skill of turning what’s to hand into something special through creativity and ingenuity?

Or about the art of the craftsmen and designers in the Kingdom of Crystal and how their glassworks are very much alive? Do you know that here guests are offered something truly special, like a new design hotel with rooms that seem to float in the forest or a hotel in the archipelago that hovers above the water? Would you like to discover newly constructed hiking trails and cycleways with excellent amenities throughout the Bullerbyn landscape? And don’t forget the restaurants with their innovative outdoor cuisine, Småland specialties such as polkagrisar and ostkaka, and dining experiences based on the best produce from Småland’s fields, forests and waters. And finally, do you know how to find activities in unspoilt nature and adventures for the whole family?

The island of Öland, off the coast of Småland, adds new dimensions to your Swedish experience: The royal castle, sandy beaches and ancient heathlands contrast beautifully with Småland. Contact us in Småland – we look forward to hearing from you!

What kind of help can you get from us?

We are a helping hand for international tour operators, in all different segments and we are free of charge. Contact us if you would like our recommendations on accommodations, activities, the best food, route suggestions, sustainable choices or just practical details such as how to travel here. We have a close relationship with the companies in Småland who are interested in corporations with tour operators. We arrange Fam-trips aswell. We can put you in contact with the best match for your company!


These are the contact persons in the different regions of Småland


Hanna Glans
Smålands Turism AB/Jönköping County +46036351274


Destination Småland/Kronoberg County +460470733270


Kristina Bergman
Region Kalmar län/ Kalmar County +460480448388