Midsummer in Småland

Midsummer means celebrations and is not only unique to Sweden, but also one of the most loved traditions in the country.

Folklore, Feasting, and Festivities

‘Midsummeris celebrated as the longest day of the year, preferably in the countryside making Småland the perfect place to enjoy the festivities. The custom involves dancing, folk costumes, and a whole lot of laughter with the highlight being seasonal treats such as sweet strawberries from the first harvest of the year.’

When the stunning nature of Småland bursts into full bloom the centre of attention is the midsummer-pole. It’s dressed in flowers from the field on where it stands and leaves from the nearby forests. Surrounding the midsummer-pole you’ll see young and old dancing and singing together in a traditional ring-dancing fashion. And to reconnect with the roots of Smålands culture some locals dress in folk costumes, and others wear traditional midsummer-wreaths reminding them of their heritage. After working up an appetite ring-dancing, it is time to enjoy the multitude of Smålands seasonal delicacies. A feast of locally produced delights such as boiled “new potatoes” served with fresh chives and soured cream will tantalise your taste buds. From fantastic seafood of the Kalmar strait to meat, eggs, and cheese from the local farmers, you’ll find a multitude of delights from Småland ready to be tasted. Even the meatballs are often made with locally produced meat.

And between the pickled herring and homemade crisp bread, you’ll join the locals in drinking songs, or “snapsvisor” in Swedish, and to quench your thirst there are plenty of local beers to choose from. If you’re into sweeter beverages, you’ll cherish the delicious apple juice from Äppledalen in northern Småland. To round it off the first strawberries of summer are served with cream or in a strawberry cake making it easy to understand why this is longed for… It’s simply delicious. Midsummer does not get more idyllic than in Småland with its picturesque setting of red cottages with white trimmings, stunning nature, and gorgeous food. Make the midsummer-experience complete, pick seven different flowers from seven different fields and lay them under your pillow. According to folklore, you’ll have a glimpse of your future as doing this will make you dream about your future love.

Flavours of Småland

The flavours of Småland include the traditional specialties ostkaka, isterband and lingonsylt. Here you can learn more about them!

Picturesque & historical Småland

Our landscape is rich in well-preserved sites where time has stood still. Enjoy a journey back in time and immerse yourself in a lost age.

Activities close to nature

Anyone is free to explore in our nature, but we’ve made it a bit easier for you – here are some nice tips to check out for great nature experiences.

Food experiences

In Småland we make a habit of enjoying nature as often as possible and very often combined with a meal. Food always taste better outside!