Småland in White Guide

“The culinary Småland has plenty to offer – price awarded restaurateurs and renowned restaurants are mixed with genuine artisan food and fantastic produce. We are proud of our restaurant with one star in Guide Michelin, and of our other restaurants that have been recommended in the White Guide – Scandinavias leading restaurant guide that each year tests and evaluates restaurants in Sweden and the Nordic countries.”

text: ‘White Guide is the leading restaurant guide in the Nordic countries. The Swedish version has been published yearly since 2005. Every year around 800 restaurants are tested, of which 600 receive a place in the Guide. As of 2014 the international version, White Guide Nordic, is published in English. It contains reviews of the 300 best restaurants in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Estonia.’

One star in Guide Michelin, and the Grand Award Winner 2017, Wine Spectator

PM & Vänner, Växjö

White Guide Nordic

Global Masters Level

PM & Vänner,Växjö

Very Fine Level

Postgatan, Kalmar

White Guide Sweden

Global Masters Level

PM & Vänner, Växjö

Very Fine Level

38 grader, Jönköping

Izakaya Moshi, Jönköping

Postgatan, Kalmar

Sjön, Jönköping

Vita Amandi, Nässjö

Fine Level

Grenna Hotell, Gränna

Izakaya Moshi, Växjö

Kafé de Luxe, Växjö

Slipkajen, Kalmar

Slottsholmen, Västervik

Also recommended

*A classification found in White Guide Sweden.*

Badholmen, Oskarshamn

Guldkant, Västervik

Kallskänken, Kalmar

El Duderino, Jönköping

Gröna stugan, Kalmar

Brasserie Park, Jönköping

White Guide Cafés

During summers, you find small cosy cafés in every corner of Småland. Here, however, you find a list of the cafés recommended in White Guide 2017/2018.

PM & Vänner

Award winning restaurant with one star in Guide Michelin. Food based on the cornerstones of forest, meadow and lake.

Food experiences

In Småland we make a habit of enjoying nature as often as possible and very often combined with a meal. Food always taste better outside!

Hyttsill in the Kingdom of Crystal

The combination of the heat from the glowing, molten glass, hearty Småland food, stories, pleasantries and glass-blowing.