The sister lakes
The sister lakes. © Maria Lindberg

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Spellbound by Småland

Let yourself be seduced by stories, legends and fairy tales. It will give you a deeper experience of nature.

Experiencing forests, historic buildings and legendary places with a story from the unknown makes the experience deeper and an understanding of the cultural heritage greater. Småland is a part of Sweden where the storytelling tradition is great. Join us on a journey into the unknown and enchanting past.

© Maria Lindberg

Do you dare to visit The sister lakes?

Here, at the sister lakes, three brothers killed their three sisters. Three springs began to gush which turned into three lakes, Systersjöarna. It is said that when the three lakes become one the world will end. Two of the lakes have already become one ... You will find 42 more Legendary places to visit in the Land of Legends in Småland.

Listen to the legend and get a map

spellbound by sweden

Oral storytelling is an important part of Sweden’s cultural heritage. These ancient tales often had a purpose. Perhaps the story of the treacherous forest roe (huldra, skogsrå) made people wary of getting lost. Together with Visit Sweden the famous author - John Ajvide Lindqvist, often called The Swedish Stephen King, wrote a short story about "the Huldra". The short audio story, named Kiln, is an adventure for all your senses. Soon enough, you’ll wander off and encounter various mythological beings, until you’re finally enchanted by a ‘huldra’ – a seductive forest nymph. The story can be found on Spotify, but you must travel to a Swedish forest to listen. The trailer will give you an idea of the story. Read about the huldra and other of Sweden’s mythological creatures Read all about spellbound by Sweden
Watch the trailer below - maybe together with someone to hold your hand.

Spellbound by Småland

Småland is the region in Sweden where stories and myths are very much alive today as a part of our cultural heritage. It makes us understand how people lived in the past, what they belied in and how they explained things that happened around them. There are many reasons why Småland is a center of the stories. Most important is that there were quite a few persons who wrote down all the oral stories that have been told for many, many years.
In the Land of Legends in the Southwest there is even a museum and 43 Legendary places you can visit, read about the story, and even go geocaching. Then we have Astrid Lindgren who also carried the old stories a supernatural creature in the forest. Especially in the book (and the film) Ronja, the Robber's Daughter. And then there are the trolls – the trolls come in many shapes in Småland. The artist John Bauer made the stories from the forests come to live in his beautiful paintings. Now when you visit Småland you will know about a new dimension in our forests.

The Museum of Legends in Ljungby

The Museum of Legends is the heart of the Land of Legends. Learning about the ancient tradition of oral storytelling is entertaining and informative for both kids and adults. You’ll learn so much about Småland’s mystic past, the good and the bad. Here you also get an introduction to The Land of legends with 43 Legendary places.

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John Bauer land

Enter mythical and enchanting forests where the artist John Bauer found inspiration for his well know creatures. Perhaps you will encounter a troll or the fairy princess Tuvstarr. It’s said that John Bauer himself walked the trail between Huskvarna and Gränna. The 46-km-long John Bauer hiking trail winds through varied terrain, from the beaches of Lake Vättern to steep cliffs with sweeping views of the lake. Old farmhouses and the ruins of an old monastery can be found between the streams bubbling along the path. The varied terrain itself is unforgettable, but the scenic lookouts add another element of wonder.

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Norra Kvill National park - one of four

Norra Kvill is one of the four National parks in Småland. It's not a primeval forest, but it seems extremely old and wild because it has remained intact for more than 150 years and you never know what is hiding here. Then there is Åsnen with its lake arcipelago and troll mountain. Blå Jungfrun is a mythical island in the Baltic sea and Store Mosse is a great marshland filled with drama.

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Astrid Lindgren - a storyteller

Whatever your age, let yourself be a child again as you follow in the footsteps of Astrid Lindgren in Småland. We find Astrid's mysterious creatures especially in the book (and the film) Ronja, the Robber's Daughter. You may recognize grey dwarfs, wild harpies and rumphobs.

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Where to stay

Make the experience of "Spellbound by Småland "complete with an accomodation close to myhtical forests, in castles and old manor houses

© Trakt Forest Hotel

Trakt Forest Hotel

Fall asleep under the stars and wake up in a warm bed among the trees in the silent forest outside of Vetlanda. With an open view of the forest, a scent of pine tree and the tranquil environment, Trakt Forest Hotel is a remarkable place to stay. Here you are protected from the noise of the outside world where the forest suites put nature in focus.

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